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First Skate School in Seignosse

Book your skateboard lessons in Seignosse.
Skate lessons for every level.

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Courses for all levels

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, Skate School Seignosse adapts to your level.
Our state-qualified instructors will provide you with quality lessons in a relaxed atmosphere, and help you discover skateboarding in complete safety.

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Skate School Seignosse, what is it ?

With Seignosse Skate School, come and discover the pleasures of skating alone or with friends.

For a lesson just to see or for a training course to improve, whether you are a novice, a beginner or an experienced skateboarder, our instructors (Brevet D’Etats) will have the right advice to help you progress as much as possible in a minimum of time but above all in a friendly, fun and safe atmosphere.

We offer several styles of skateboarding to really satisfy everyone.

Open only during the school holidays of Easter, summer (July/August), and All Saints’ Day.


Our lessons

Discover our courses given by qualified instructors, whether you are a beginner or an expert, we offer several styles of skateboarding

Come and learn the basics of skateboarding with Skate School Seignosse, having fun and being safe !
Perfect your skateboarding technique, if you come here it’s because we don’t have much more to teach you, just help you perfect your moves.
Novice, beginner, intermediate, or future pro. Maximize your time and money: 2 hours of personalized feedback are available to you.

Our story

Dedicated 100% to our surf school since 2015, it was during the summer of 2017 that our son spent an eternity perfecting his first ollie.

I delved into my memories of being a teenage skater and gave him some advice, but not having enough time to truly mentor him, I searched for skateboard lessons in Seignosse without success.

It was a few years later, in 2020, that I decided to venture into opening the first skateboard school in the municipality of Seignosse.

Our team

Discover the Skate School team in pictures

Andy Dubourgeat

Skateboard Instructor



She will know how to welcome you to the school to make you feel at home and help you organize your skateboarding activities.

Patrick Hall

Director of the skateboard school

Being a teenage skater (street with a basic skill set – ollie, ollie 180, pop shove it, kickflip) since my first skateboard purchase in 1993, then a longboarder during my years of study, and now a fan of surfskating, also dabbling in freeboarding, I have always been involved in skateboarding. I have always enjoyed the sensation of gliding. Naturally inclined towards teaching and with a long history as a surf instructor.